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{Calgary zoo wedding photographer} Jenn & Evan -Married!

If you’re not from Calgary, you might wonder why on earth anyone would want to get married at a zoo. But as soon as you visit and walk the lush, manicured gardens and gorgeous wetland and natural spaces that frame all the animal spaces, it becomes pretty clear that the Calgary Zoo is one of the best places to get married in the city. We didn’t have a ton of luck with the weather, though maybe we were the luckiest that day. The ceremony was completed and I had made a split second decision to head indoors before the most violent torrential downpour drenched the city; I don’t think I’ve ever seen that amount of rain fall so hard so fast. So yes, we were lucky. And the fact that we had a stunning indoor space for family photos was such a relief. By the time we finished, the rain had let up enough that we headed outside, and as with all my INCREDIBLE couples, they didn’t mind a little sprinkle or wet grass. Jenn and Evan are adorable. I’m not sure how else to describe them. I can literally just tell them to stand close to each other and then I just start shooting, watching them as they giggle about the myriad of comments or inside jokes that they have collected as a couple. The instant-ness of the giant smiles on their faces when they are together is evidence enough of a superb match, of something that will last forever. Laughter, I feel, is what can get anyone through anything. If we can laugh, if we can find the humor, or the lightheartedness of a situation, then anything can be conquered. These are two truly beautiful people and I cannot say enough how delightful it has been getting to know them, laughing with them and witnessing that gorgeous light of their souls. Soulmates, absolutely. Enjoy this little glimpse into a Calgary Zoo wedding!

calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer001 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer002 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer003 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer004 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer005 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer006 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer007 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer008 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer009 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer010 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer011 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer012 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer013 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer014 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer015 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer016 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer017 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer018 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer019 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer020 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer021 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer022 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer023 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer024 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer025 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer026 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer027 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer028 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer029 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer030 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer031 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer032 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer033 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer034 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer035 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer036 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer037 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer038 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer039 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer040 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer041 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer042 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer043 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer044 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer045 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer046 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer047 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer048 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer049 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer050 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer051 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer052 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer053  calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer055 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer056 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer057 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer058 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer059 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer060 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer061 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer062 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer063 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer064 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer065 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer066 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer067 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer068 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer069 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer070 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer071 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer072 calgary_zoo_wedding_photographer073

{Calgary wedding photographer} Allison & Brett -engaged!

Magic. It's the type of night that I dream about, something that makes me hyperventilate a wee bit and it's just really the best thing. Ever. This night was a perfect storm of awesome-ness and it began with a solo concert in the woods. You see, Brett and Allison are both talented classical guitarists;  Brett  actually teaches at a university level. They took their guitars out and I can honestly say that I didn't expect it to sound so wonderful. No, I didn't doubt their musical prowess, I guess I have just never heard a guitar sound so beautiful. It was crisp and clean and powerful and I had trouble um, focusing, (pun! yeah!) on the task at hand without being distracted by such glorious music. What made my night, and subsequently my week, was asking if Brett knew the tune to the Princess Bride theme... Oh yes. I played maybe 10 sec of the song for him, and right there, without any prompting, without any sheet music, he played it back to me. I told them I would be playing it on repeat … [Read More...]

{Calgary Wedding Photographer} Danielle & Jared -married!

There really isn't much more that I can ask for than a happy, joyful group of people to spend my day with and certainly, Danielle and Jared and their friends and family delivered. I'm not sure if I can say enough how important it is to me to be able to capture people in their most genuine state, to seek out; bring out the happiness, the love, the connection. The ceremony was held at the Delta South Calgary Hotel and it began with my favourite moment of the day. In fact, as soon as I heard the venue, my first thought was STAIRCASE. Indeed, it was as grand and epic as I had imagined. I absolutely adored seeing Danielle pause at the top and found myself choking back a couple tears as she walked down. The party began at the creatives session and kept going, seemingly well passed our departure. Favourite moments abound, I loved their choreographed dance and packed dance floor and probably the most exciting bouquet and garter toss that I have seen, you really have to check out the pictures. … [Read More...]

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