Out at the Ranch {Calgary Family Photographer}

When planning a family session, or any session for that matter, I like to get as much information as possible to make the photography as authentic as possible. Family photography, at it’s core, is anything but natural (it’s not every day that you plan your family’s outfits and head outside only to be followed by a photographer) but I really do strive to capture the essence of the family itself. In talking with Julia, she mentioned that her son loved to throw the football and her daughter did cartwheels. So, that’s exactly what we did! I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving working with children, their joy and zest for life is inspiring and reignites my soul. This session was a lot of fun, complete with our own game of football throwing, my camera hanging by my side. Enjoy!

Hey there blue eyes {Calgary Family Photographer}

When you have children, there are lots of opportunities for unsolicited advice from friends, family and strangers. I was prepared for that and to be honest, most of it was either helpful or expected, usually along the lines of “Enjoy them while they’re little, they grow up too fast” (ok, so this is very very true but not an awesome statement whilst in the throes of newborn hell). Anyways, I think what made me the most surprised was how my son acted as a barrier breaker to basically, the entire population of people we have encountered. Everywhere we went, people smiled at me (well, him…. but indirectly at me. woo!), talked to me (about him), and some, more times than I can count, even boldly stretched out their arms, almost demanding to hold him. I’m pretty trusting and I love how happy he made people, so I’d usually take a quick ‘crazy reading’ and hand him over. Weird, yes, but also delightful. In the beginning, I didn’t get why people liked my son, or felt the need to engage with him or hold him or squeeze his (amazingly kissable) cheeks. However, that was before I met Oliver. Because in that first moment of meeting him, every ounce of me had to be restrained from taking him from his parents arms and cuddling and loving him with all my soul. His piercing blue eyes, perfectly chubby cheeks and joyful smile make for the cutest wee squishy baby ever. We are still enjoying the lovely winter and had a fantastic session out at Nose Hill in the northwest part of Calgary. Not only is he a cutie, he was a perfect gem for the camera. And his parents behaved too:)Enjoy this awesome family. Good job you two!

Open Book {a wedding photography workshop}

Well, here we go! This is HUGE for me and a giant announcement. After 10 years in this glorious business, I am ready to share. So I have partnered with the amazing Nicole Modde of NC Photography and together we are going to knock your socks off! If you want to fast-track your way into the wedding world, this is definitely your chance. Take a peek below for all the details. I am SO excited!!!

Two heads are just better than one!

Join Nicole and Sarah as they expertly guide you through an intensive and inspired two-day workshop. They will fill your brains and ignite your creativity with everything you need to know about succeeding as a wedding photographer including an awesome styled wedding from start to finish.

Edmonton, Alberta May 16 & 17


early booking bonus (book by April 1st) $950+GST

Day One

Nicole and Sarah, both successful wedding photographers with over six years of experience, are ready to share it all. They will teach you the ins and outs, the good and bad and share the mistakes they made so you don’t have to; unfiltered, raw, leaving no questions unanswered.

Topics to include

Figure out your ideal client and how to attract them

Branding and what it means for your business success

Customer service

How to sell YOU

Gear chat- what’s in our bags and why


Day Two

A fun-filled, hands-on day of shooting a real live wedding. Ok, ok, it will be about as real as it can get during a workshop. Take part in the spectacular shooting opportunities and be prepared to think on your feet as {Worst Case Scenarios} are thrown your way. Put your first day knowledge to use with Nicole and Sarah there every step of the way.

Spots are very limited so make sure to book yours soon!


Let’s make it happen TOGETHER!


students should be comfortable with their camera and shooting in manual mode

Karolina & Tyler -married! {Delta Kananaskis wedding photographer}

To say that this wedding weekend at the Delta Lodge Kananaskis was fun would be a giant understatement. Fun does not describe how incredible a game of broomball is with all your friends and family, in the dark, in the mountains with the snow pack acting as a beer cooler. Fun also does not describe the luck we encountered in Kananaskis by being practically the only mountain location that received any snow. Let me first say that if you need a great game that is easy to play for all ages, Broomball is the ticket. I loved watching everyone not only learn to play, but truly engage in the competition. The setting was incredible as well, the Delta really provides an ‘all-inclusive’ atmosphere that enhances the intimacy of the day and weekend. Back to the luck aspect, only two days prior, the grounds in Kananaskis were bare and brown just like the rest of the Rockies and Southern Alberta. But to our absolute delight, a crazy band of weather dumped about a foot of fresh powder, dusting the ground into a magical winter wonderland. Blair, my amazing second shooter, and I couldn’t contain our excitement and we were indeed happy that Karolina and Tyler and their wonderful bridal party indulged in our glee and persevered through some chilly temperatures. To say that this wedding was spectacular, in so many ways, would be the absolute, 100% truth. Go on and enjoy this wintery goodness!

Bev & Mike – married! {Calgary wedding photographer}

Oh Valentine’s Day. There is such a weight to February 14 and it seems to be quite polarizing amongst the general population. I even checked out V-day on Wikipedia and found that it is listed under Type as cultural, Christian and commercial. I had to laugh at the ‘commercial’ listing…. I am a lover of chocolate and sentiment  so I’m definitely in the “this day is awesome” camp but I also understand the other side of the massive commercialization and greeting card holiday. So truly, what better way to apply your own significance, than to get married on this day and make it your anniversary. It’s brilliant if you ask me, but in speaking with Mike, it really was just about a winter wedding on a long weekend. (Which is also pretty great) Bev and Mike planned a winter wedding here in Calgary and got a mix of fall and spring. In fact, I had to switch a location out because it was under massive puddles of water. As I drove around, I couldn’t help but laugh at the notion that there would be absolutely, positively no snow in any of the pictures. I hope you agree tho, that everything turned out beautifully regardless. I have been so impressed with the golden light this winter, it usually doesn’t appear until August. And so, it was delightful to play with and shoot into the sunset. The ceremony was held at St Matthew’s Church and the reception was held at the Italian Club. Bev warned me that there would be lots of sparkle, but it was nothing short of perfection. I absolutely adored the pink sequin table cloths and I can assure you, it was definitely not too much. And the candy bar and photo booth cannot go unmentioned; my amazing second shooter Blair Marie and I took part in both, because um, research. Yes, research. Moving on, the night was topped off with beautiful heart felt and hilarious speeches and a fantastic dance party, complete with both Blair and I, taking a spin on the dance floor with a happy guest. Go on and enjoy this gorgeous valentine’s day!

Jarusha - March 8, 2015 - 5:56 am

Sarah! This wedding is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful couple, beautiful dress and decor. Love the muted colors of the winter landscape. Great work as usual ☺️

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