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Hello, my name is Sarah Murdoch. I want to tell your story. I want to capture those fleeting moments. I want to document the laughter and the {happy} tears. I want to honour your life, your family and your relationships. I want to preserve your memories for generations to come. I want to be your photographer. And I can’t wait to meet you!

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Glenbow ranche engagement | cochrane wedding photographer | Kate & Clarke {engaged!}

I loved Kate and Clarke the moment I met them. But if you know me, you know I have a huge soft spot for Brits. Clarke is probably a lot like me then, as Kate is from England. This session was exciting for many reasons, the first being that their wedding is very soon and at the lovely Cochrane Ranche House, one of my all-time favourite venues, and the second being that not only was this an engagement session, it was also a maternity session. AND, to top that all off, Kate and Clarke arrived and thrust an ultrasound into my hands and I looked down…. and…. there’s two?! TWO babies!! ohmygosh, they’re having twins! They often find themselves wandering the vast trails at Glenbow Ranche so we decided it would be the perfect location for the session. And it never ever disappoints. Something I love about the area is that no matter how many times I shoot there, I always find something different; a different angle, a different tree, different light, different moments. I love it! We had an absolute blast and I shot well into the glorious sunset and just as I was finishing the final ring shot, the train rolls by. We drop everything (thanks Clarke) and run to catch it. What a night! I cannot wait to capture their wedding in just over a month!

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Calgary maternity photographer | Gillian & Nigel {plus one}

This session was everything I had hoped for, ice cream (my favourite), a dog named Pumbaa, an amazingly beautiful couple inside and out and a jaw-dropping spectacular sunset. A friend of mine had said recently that the best light comes when the sun has set and I really think that was the case that night. We basked in the glow of the setting sun and then I couldn't stop, we just kept on and it was incredible. I loved hanging with these two; Gillian and Nigel lived in Bridgeland for quite a few years and so it was fitting that we went back and documented their favourite spots. I photographed this baby's aunt and uncle in the spring and I'm excited knowing that these two babies are going to be best friends. I didn't really grow up with cousins and now that my son is growing up with his cousin, it's really thrilling to see them together. Enjoy! … [Read More...]

Delta Kananaskis wedding | Kananaskis, Canmore wedding photographer | Chelaine & Dustin -married!

If ever there was a wedding that had every detail thoughtfully and beautifully planned, Chelaine and Dustin's Delta Kananaskis wedding would be it. The Delta always provides a spectacular venue for it's view and amenities and it was the perfect place for the wedding. I especially love how the hotel allows an entire wedding group to stay in one place and offers so much in the near vicinity in terms of restaurants and recreation. Right from the beginning, the minute I met them, I was treated to an onslaught of cheerful sarcasm (my favourite) from Dustin and an absolutely infectious smile from Chelaine. Arriving on the wedding day, it was evident how much planning was put into the day by Chelaine and Lesley from Magical Moments. One of my favourite things was her little Vow books, containing their handwritten words. It's something that I think I will start using in my business, I'm just so in love with them! Speaking of being in love, can we talk about Chelaine and her dog? How cute is … [Read More...]

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