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Hello, my name is Sarah Murdoch. I want to tell your story. I want to capture those fleeting moments. I want to document the laughter and the {happy} tears. I want to honour your life, your family and your relationships. I want to preserve your memories for generations to come. I want to be your photographer. And I can’t wait to meet you!

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{Calgary wedding photographer} Camille & Ryan -married!

I’m pretty obsessed with Camille and Ryan’s first glance pictures. That kind of giddy joyfulness is only reserved for someone truly loved and it’s certainly not something that can ever be faked. It was just so clear when I looked through the series how perfect they are for each other. When I think back at our creatives session with the entire bridal party, I chuckle to myself thinking about the shenanigans and how amazing the light was down in that forest. And the fact that we didn’t get rained on- bonus! I’ve known Ryan’s family since I was a kid and so it really felt like a family wedding. The reception was held at the Meadow Muse tent right beside The Ranche Restaurant in Fish Creek Park. It was my first time shooting there and it was spectacular. I’m going to geek out for a sec, but the whole thing is basically one big soft box creating the most stunning light inside. Please and Thank You. Anyways, I was very impressed at the coordination and speed of the meal service and staff and of course was over the moon thrilled with the decor. My trusty second, Blair Marie, was by my side snapping away the whole day and we were both engulfed with inspiration once we saw the room. And the cookies. Oh my, the cookies. Blair is a candy bar connoisseur but I think cookies trumps all. There were actually cookies that tasted like root beer! Hands down my favourite part of the day was when we finished our second session of creatives just before the reception, and Ryan grabbed Camille by the hand and took her for a walk. It’s thrilling to witness this love; you are meant for each other, I am certain of it.

Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer001 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer002 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer003 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer004 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer005 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer006 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer007 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer008 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer009 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer010 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer011 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer012 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer013 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer014 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer015 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer016 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer017 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer018 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer019 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer020 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer021 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer022 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer023 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer024 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer025 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer026 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer027 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer028 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer029 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer030 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer031 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer032 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer033 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer034 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer035 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer036 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer037 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer038 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer039 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer040 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer041 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer042 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer043 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer044 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer045 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer046 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer047 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer048 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer049 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer050 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer051 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer052 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer053 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer054 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer055 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer056 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer057 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer058 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer059 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer060 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer061 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer062 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer063 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer064 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer065 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer066 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer067 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer068 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer069 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer070 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer071 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer072 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer073 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer074 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer075 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer076 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer077 Calgary_Muse_wedding_photographer078

{Calgary River Cafe Wedding Photographer} Sarah & Jordan -married!

To say that I was excited about Sarah and Jordan's River Cafe wedding would be a serious understatement. Not only do I looooooooove the River Cafe but I adored how the entire wedding and all of its events stayed true to exactly who Sarah and Jordan are and what they wanted as a celebration of their love. I spoke with a few married friends who were jealous of the brunch timeline and even said that doing it all over again, they would do the same. Plus, who doesn't love brunch? It is pretty much the best meal ever and certainly the River Cafe does it well. Really, really well. To be honest, it really speaks to the restaurant and the caring, wonderful staff when a slightly sweaty, preoccupied photographer rolls in and is immediately offered a place to sit and unlimited water refills. The day started early, like Sarah prefers it, and we made our way to Sacred Heart Church which is definitely one of the most beautiful churches in the city; it is always a pleasure to shoot there. River Cafe … [Read More...]

{Calgary wedding & engagement photographer} Jenn & Evan -engaged!

"You are my people!" It's not something I've ever said out loud but for some reason, during Jenn and Evan's consult, while Evan was enthralled with my custom viewmasters, it just came out of my mouth. Truly, I felt an instant connection with them and I cannot say how excited I am that they chose me and I get to work closely with them and capture these special moments. We chose two locations because of the fact that Jenn and Evan often enjoy their spare time sipping warm drinks in coffee shops and I thought it would be a perfect way to start a session. I was thrilled when they showed up with mugs they had painted themselves, complete with wedding date on the inside. (Oh yes, indeed I was right about them) A little caffeine pick me up and we were on our way to a pretty spectacular spot. It was such a wonderful evening, with so much laugher and I am so happy to share. … [Read More...]

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